At Bon Investments, LLC, we manage investment portfolios on a fee-only basis for individuals, trusts, charities, and businesses. We strive to achieve above-average capital appreciation for client portfolios by identifying those companies likely to grow most rapidly in the future, and by applying a value discipline so that we buy them at what we believe are excellent prices. We seek to find those companies with the fastest sustainable growth at the lowest possible valuations .

While we do have an affinity for stocks of rapidly growing companies, we still work hard at managing risk. Clients help choose their own allocation mix, and most client portfolios are well diversified and include conservative investments, such as fixed income securities. Within the equity portion of a portfolio we further seek to reduce risk by emphasizing companies with clean balance sheets, profitability, strong management, and attractive valuations.

We do our own independent research at Bon Investments, LLC, supplemented by various other investment research services. Our research is not hampered by the conflicts of interest that afflict many of the large Wall Street brokerage houses. We are not selling securities to you, we are working for you - ONLY for you. All client portfolios are monitored daily and actively managed.