Fee-Only refers to how an Advisor is compensated. A Fee-Only Advisor does not accept commissions or any other compensation other than that which is paid directly by the client. Advisory fees are established in advance, and are typically based on a percentage of client assets, or set at a fixed or hourly rate.

Why is a Fee-Only Advisor your best choice?

Our only form of compensation comes directly from clients. We do not earn any commissions or fees on the investments we make on behalf of our clients.

We don't sell you anything. Other advisors and financial planners earn all or a large part of their compensation from commissions on financial products, such as mutual funds, which they sell to you. It can be difficult for those advisors to recommend no-load mutual funds, or other low cost products or strategies even when it may be in the best interest of the client. As long as they stand to gain financially from certain products or strategies there is an inherent conflict of interest. As a Fee-Only Advisor we avoid any potential conflict of interest and provide advice and portfolio management services that are completely objective.

Some investment companies require their salespeople to sell particular products to clients. These are usually the products that are financially beneficial for the investment companies, not necessarily for the client. As a Fee-Only Advisor we are independent and free to select any product in the investment universe that is a good fit for our clients.

Cost Savings
There is no reason to pay high commission costs any longer. It is to our mutual advantage to find you low commissions and eliminate as many fees as we can for you. Many former clients of full service brokerage firms realize significant savings by switching to the Fee-Only approach. (We generally use the online discount broker TD Ameritrade as the custodian for our client accounts.)

Shared Goals
As our fee is based on a percentage of your assets we only make more money when your financial assets increase. Our compensation is directly tied to your investment performance, and therefore is properly aligned with your interests.

Our advisory fees are very reasonable. See our fee table to learn more.

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What is Fee-Only?